Dance Trapeze Complete Set

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Want a dance trapeze ready to play on? We’ve been using and making trapezes for over 40 years and we know how to do it better than anyone. Trust us to make you a trapeze that is not only beautiful and elegant but safe and sturdy too.

Rock Exotica Shackle Swivels are currently on back order until November 2023. Please understand that your order for RE Shackle Swivels cannot be fulfilled until the equipment becomes available. 

Pictured: Alice Shoell/@alice_inwonderland3

Photography by: Angus Black/@photography_by_angus_black


Design Components

Our single trapeze bars are made of mild steel with the bar-to-rope locking technology that makes Trix Circus trapezes so solid, stable and safe. Our standard trapeze bar is 60cm long. The solid steel bar is 25mm thick and is the perfect size for your grip, yet comfortable for toe hangs, heel hangs and back balances.

You can choose from 24mm nylon rope (white), or cotton ropes (cream or black). Cotton ropes have a dyneema core for added strength. Trix Circus trapeze’s have a standard rope length of 2.5m. Our bars arrive taped and ready to use.


Nylon Trapeze

Cotton-Dyneema Trapeze

MBS ropes**



Dynamic WLL*



Bar Point of Deflection



User Load Limit



*User loads must take into account dynamic forces applied and not exceed the dynamic WLL.

**MBS/WLL/ULL units reflect double rope usage.

Download the Trapeze Product Information Sheet

Download the Triangle Spreader Plate Product Information Sheet

Set Inclusions

Triangle System: 3x triple-lock steel carabiners, 1x triangle, 1x Rock Exotica Shackle swivel

Please read our Trix Circus Guarantee Policy before purchasing this product.

The trapeze is proudly certified Australian Made

Additional information

Rope Material

Nylon, Cotton with Cable Core

Rope Colour

White, Black, Cream


Nylon Trapeze: 17,800kg, Cable Cotton Trapeze: 5,500kg

Dynamic WLL*

1,200 kg

Bar Point of Deflection

1,500 kg

User Load Limit

170 kg

Estimated Product Weight

Nylon: 5kg, Cable Cotton 6kg


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