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Director, Head Rigger and Chief Equipment Designer

‘I circus, therefore I am.’

Rodleigh Stevens is a circus rock star! He is the fifth generation circus artist, he has circus running through his veins and has lived and breathed circus as far back as he can remember. Trix Circus was born out of his passion for the circus arts and his vast experience as a highly skilled performer and coach. As a specialised circus equipment designer, he takes equipment manufacturing seriously, because your safety is our business!

Technician, Manufacturer, Educator and Visionary

Rodleigh’s circus pedigree is undeniable, having worked for all the big name companies like Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus, Pink Funhouse tour, École Nationale de Cirque, Zip Zap Circus School, Flying Fruit Flies, Circa, Circus Nock, Circus Barnum and many more.

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Amanda headshotAmanda Lynch

Operations Manager and Manufacturer

‘I make stuff happen!’

Amanda Lynch graduated with a First-Class Honours degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Queensland in 2002 and used this degree as a platform from which to start her circus journey. She is a trained academic researcher and proof reader and this gives her an unmatched interest in attention to detail and the successful search for information, both skills that she draws on extensively while administrating for Trix and as a circus coach.

At Trix, Amanda is the one that makes sure things get done. She is a natural leader and has had years of experience creating shows with small and large groups of artists. Her straightforward attitude keeps Trix running smoothly and her empathetic nature keeps clients coming back. Without her un-waivering attention to detail and fine sense of planning, things like this amazing website would not be here today. With the attitude that no job is too hard or too big, she helps us deliver on all projects, no matter what the size or level of intricacy, keeping the same professional attitude throughout.

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Steph Coates


Steph caught the circus bug by kismet. When she was just 19, Steph had a friend who did circus for fun. Curious about such a different activity, Steph asked her friend about it. Her friend, Bree, suggested she do a free trial at Flipside Circus, which Steph did and she was completely hooked! From that first terrifying time hanging from a trapeze, she has never looked back. Now-a-days, Steph trains all kinds of aerial circus including silks, lyra, and swinging, flying and static trapeze.

Steph is a bit of a multipotentialite. She’s completed a Certificate IV in Patisserie, pursued a secondary teaching degree as well as a physiotherapy degree. The teaching and physiotherapy study supports her current passion and career as an aerials and circus instructor across multiple Brisbane circus schools. The patisserie course makes her very popular at Trix Circus, especially at morning tea!

Steph takes circus teaching very seriously. Inspired to be a dedicated circus arts teacher, not primarily a circus artist who teaches by default, she is enrolled in the Instructor’s diploma at the world’s leading circus school, the prestigious Ecole Nationale de Cirque. In mid-2023 Steph will take the journey to the home of contemporary circus, Montreal, to complete her onsite training at Ecole Nationale de Cirque.

Trix is so lucky to have Steph on our team. She brings a willingness, a meticulousness and an eagerness to learn that is invaluable to us. We can’t imagine our workplace without her efficiency, kindness, compassion and care.

Owen Leonard

Marketing and Circus Consultant 

‘Trix Circus is a home I’ve never even visited!’

Owen Leonard is a creative multidisciplinary circus artist. Due to his extensive experience in youth circus, Owen has developed an eye and a passion for everything circus related. While he started his career in traditional circus, Owen has since trained and performed extensively in contemporary circus and is comfortable across all circus mediums.

Owen is also an accomplished lighting designer and operator as well as a marketing genius. His inquisitive nature, alongside his technical and problem-solving abilities, helps Trix Circus to evolve and embrace new circus technologies.

While Owen is based in America and has never even been to Trix HQ in Australia, he is a firm believer and advocate for Trix Circus. Owen was taught by both Rodleigh and Amanda for a number of years and has fallen in love with the Trix Circus way of thinking, living and circusing!

Trix Circus is lucky to have Owen as part of our family. He pushes us to be better and do better at every turn.

Allison Kovacevic

Social Media Manager and Events Promoter

‘OMG I wanna do that!!!

Allison was born in Sydney and moved to the Gold Coast with her family at 5. She always wanted to get into some kind of performing arts. From young age, she was always asking to do dance, gymnastics, modelling and singing, however living in the Gold Coast hinterland made attending lessons impossible. In early 2014, she searched for a “non boring” way to stay fit and found aerial classes. She was hooked after the first session and hasn’t looked back since.

Her desire to express herself creatively and grow as an aerialist led her to Trix Circus… where she quickly became part of the team. Her consistent willingness to ask questions, learn, grow and support the Trix team has evolved into her becoming a part of our working family.

Allison loves being a part of the aerial community as a performer and a supporter. She is our live events promoter, chatting with clients, capturing pictures and videos for Trix and she manages our social media pages and other forms of client communications.

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