“I was lucky enough to work with Rodleigh in 2018 and 2019 as an acrobat for Cirque du Soleil during the creation of Alegria. With Rodleigh’s extensive expertise within circus, he provided me with the fundamental support to help me learn a brand new discipline.”

“I was faced with tough challenges using the skills I already acquired from gymnastics and developing these in an act 12 meters high in the air. I trusted Rodleigh completely as he tirelessly longed me in a harness over and over again for months during my training.

Rodleigh also helped me gain a deeper understanding of specific body placement, positioning, timing, partner working and safe falling. As a direct result of his experience and commitment, Rodleigh helped me successfully learn this act and prepared me for the stage.

Throughout both my elite level gymnastics years and my performance years I have worked with many coaches and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is such a hugely talented coach and his techniques and ways of building communication are second to none. I am sincerely grateful to have worked with Rodleigh and I would recommend him to any of my Cirque du Soleil peers. He has truly motivated me to continue growing and is certainly a large reason why I am able to do this incredibly high risk act and perform to the level I am in my career.

Thank you Rodleigh!”

Marissa King

2008 Beijing, British Olympic Gymnast and current Cirque du Soleil Artist

“Amanda was there to empower the teenage me to be my true self – an artist and a leader.

“Amanda is like no other coach. She has a strong and growing passion for empowering teens. The teenage years are a crucial standpoint in one’s development to adulthood and Amanda recognizes that. Her impact on my life at the right time is one of the main reasons I’m continuing the circus career professionally.”

Owen Leonard 

Professional Circus Artist and Coach, Graduate – New England Center for Circus Arts, USA

“I had complete trust that Rodleigh would keep me safe, and that his belief in my ability to try something was based on his confidence and understanding of the element.”

“Rodleigh was there at the very beginning of my circus career… He taught me the fundamentals of aerial arts, and performing. Coming from a gymnastics and sports acrobatics background, a lot of my core strength and flexibility were already present when I met Rodleigh at the age of 9. He used this to shape my aerial, body and equipment awareness, as well as my knowledge and skills for the Circus/Aerial World.

We performed an entertaining character-based Adagio act together which gave me my first taste of what it was like to perform professionally. I also learnt Silks, Triple Trapeze, Lyra, Flying Trapeze, Spanish Web, Cable, Pyramids and Bungee under his guidance.

He bought humour and passion to training which I believe is a huge key to his success. “Left let… you other left leg!”

A key attribute is his extensive knowledge of the Circus World. He is a 5th generation circus performer, with aerial knowledge coming out of his ears! ha

I would definitely recommend Rodleigh to any of my friends/coworkers, as I believe his passion and dedication to Circus is inspiring. I am very grateful for the knowledge and fundamentals I learnt from Rodleigh when I was younger, as these basics were so important when furthering my skills and turning performing into my career.

Thank you Rodleigh!”

Bianca Ruyssenaers

Toruk, Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia

“I just wanted to say thank you to you and Rodleigh for everything you have done for me in the last week”

“Coffee, organising random trainings, welcoming me back to the Circus family, making me awesome new equipment and so on and so forth). He was also awesome helping us to wrap the lyra and ropes up allowing us to pass them off as some sort of baby related equipment to get them on the plane for free – yes!”

Rebecca McMahon

Kinetica Circus Dance Theatre, Perth Australia

“Amanda’s continuously pushing me and so generously shares so much of her knowledge but most importantly she makes me think through everything I do. That way I can train safely on my own and it helps me retain the information quickly by learning to understand what is happening throughout the move/trick. ”

“I’ve been extremely lucky to have had Amanda as a coach now since October 2019. She’s helped me tackle an entirely new apparatus for me, rope. She started with teaching me the basics I needed and continues to push me to condition in new ways that are specific to my apparatus and body. Her understanding of the way an athletes/acrobats body works and what it needs to work efficiently is beyond helpful! And within 3 months of working with Amanda, I was able to put together a corporate events rope act!

Amanda coached me in person from October of 2019 to March of 2020 when we were forced into isolation during covid-19. In April, we started up some online classes. The online classes have been so amazing and I’ve already learned way more than I thought I would while being stuck at home with a 2.5 metre rope!

I’m so grateful to have Amanda as a coach, and friend! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you’ve taught me, and shared with me.”

Ally Hornsby

Professional figure skater & aerialist, Toronto, Canada

“As a circus performer, my career really took off when Rodleigh took over as the director of my circus program and as the head coach of my speciality act.”

“Rodleigh instilled in us an amazing work ethic and a drive to reach perfection. As a student, you can only be as dedicated as your coach. Rodleigh gave us that push and led us to a complete turn around for our program. He allowed me to make the jump from being a good performer to being a professional level performer.”

Dylan Wynne

Graduate of the Sailor Circus Academy in Florida, USA

“I enjoy Rodleigh’s teaching style and demeanour and have a lot of respect for his background and knowledge on anything circus.”

“In 2008, Rodleigh provided me my first professional flying trapeze gig which has led to my continuing circus career. I have now worked professionally as a flying trapeze artist in Australia, Japan and England.”

Craig Litherland

Sydney Trapeze School, Australia

“Training with Rodeligh gave me an internationally competitive act and allowed me to be paid to travel.”

Nikki Ogle

Professional Circus Artist


“I started aerial training with Rodleigh in 2006 just for fun, fitness and to challenge myself with learning new skills after having danced professionally for many years. Straight away I fell in love with being in the circus environment where everyone worked hard and encouraged and helped each other.”

“My coaches Rodleigh and Amanda have gone to no end to help me in my journey and are both truly talented, hard working, dedicated and inspirational people who would give anything for their students. I trust them (quite literally) with my life and can’t ever thank them enough for helping me achieve what I have and make real of my dream.”
– Megan Jervis, Aerial Angels, Gold Coast, Australia

“I am 61 years old and have been practicing aerial circus silks for about 5 years as a hobby. I became more dedicated and serious about it when Amanda Lynch started coaching me.  Her enthusiasm, great sense of humor, and her grace and strength on the silks, made me want to strive to do the best I could. She and Rodleigh put safety first and provide a great environment for learning, having fun and getting stronger.”
– Sharon Gresham, Sarasota, FL, USA.

The knowledge and expertise that Rodleigh Stevens had to offer helped me improve my potential in this industry. I am ever so grateful to Rodleigh for his experience, professionalism and ability to provide a fun learning environment that will transcend through me for many years to come!”
– Lara Caitlin Nilon-Pobjoy

“I was most impressed by the vast knowledge and direction of coaching that was given by Rodleigh. I will forever be grateful for the amount of room to grow as an individual artist. It was such a refreshing experience being taught tricks and skills of high standard but also encouraged to find your own style in doing so, which is such a key element in this industry. Rodleigh gave me such a great start to my now thriving aerial and circus career.”
– Lena Grzegolec

“Our work is comedy and narrative driven, Rodleigh is FANTASTIC at working with us to create mayhem in our movement.. His breadth of expertise in performing, educating and viewing entertainment across the world means his training and teaching methods are direct, simple and goal orientated.
– The Crackup Sisters

“A friend took me to an acrobatic class to learn a standing tuck back somersault where I was trained by Rodleigh.  Before the end of the lesson, I was hooked. For the next 8 years, all my circus skills were coached by Rodleigh.  He is a great coach, with an amazing amount of knowledge and experience. The skills and acts that he helped me achieve has shaped me to become the highly skilled performer that I am today.  I recommend Rodleigh to anyone who wants to learn circus.”
– Daniel Vidmajer

“Rodleigh was my circus coach from 1998- 2003. During this time I had a number of face to face sessions where I learnt skills that would carry me through my circus career. Having a good foundation of technical skills enabled me to adapt my speciality acts over the years with ease. I was able to earn a living while traveling the world. I believe that Rodleigh has both the technical skills as well as the passion and discipline to help others achieve their goals. If you would like to learn a new skill, improve your current one, or reinvent your speciality act with novel elements, then you have come to the right place!”
– Wendy Edwards (Former Zip Zap student)

“I had the chance to meet Rodleigh back in 2019. His approach  is unique and he has a great way of communicating his ideas. He gets to read your skills quickly in order to be able to push your limits to access the next level. He’s an awesome coach to work with and very easy to get along !  His dedication to circus is noticeable and he makes learning a fun experience. Thanks for everything Rod!
– Dan Cormier (Trapèze le Voltigeur, Laval, Canada)

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