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Rigging and Engineering Consultancy Services

Trix Circus offers qualified rigging services for special events and studio set ups.

It is important to note that our Trix riggers will only make installations on structure with the appropriate certification by a qualified engineer. On this note, Trix provides an experienced engineering advocacy service to studios owners and serious aerialists who desire private home installations. This ensures your structural engineer understands the forces created by circus artists and what are the safe design factors for your needs. We highly recommend employing us to get this right from the start and save disappointment and potential harm later on down the track.

We can also help you plan out the safest and most convenient rigging set up for your situation. From planning, sourcing materials and performing the professional rigging installation, we can take care of it all. Trix Circus has a team of fully-qualified Advanced Riggers available to help you navigate the complexities of the Australian compliance requirements for your set up.

We also have vast international and Australian experience with performance rigging. We are capable of rigging in any space: from convention centres, ballrooms, theatres, festivals, big top circus tents, nightclubs to smaller intimate venues. Do you have an event without suitable rigging points? Trix Circus can supply aerial trussing or a quad-pod rig, suitable for indoor and outdoor venues.

Studio Fit Outs

Thinking about introducing aerial arts to your classes, but unsure where to start? We can help you select the right equipment and design an aerial set up that will suit your needs.

We offer an all-in-one package. Trix will supply all your aerial equipment, rigging equipment, pull up lines, safety lines and qualified licensed riggers to perform your studio installation. We will work closely with you to identify the safest and most cost effective plan for aerial training in your studio.

Whether you have a small dance studio or a large school hall, we have the skills and experience to get you started and help your business grow safely and successfully.

NOTE: we only perform studio installations using the rigging and circus equipment that we sell on this website. We also only work with structural engineers to develop safe and secure rigging installation plans specific to your building. We will not perform installations without proper engineering plans and certification. There are no exceptions to this.

We recommend that you employ us as consultants throughout the engineering process. We have a great amount of experience working with engineers to find solutions for aerial work. Without this experience and knowledge, the process to certification can be lengthy, costly, confusing and sometimes disappointing. Please contact us directly to discuss fees for your project.

Some examples of fit outs that we have installed are:
Aerial Angels Academy
Gold Coast Gymnastics
Rise Aerial Academy
Centre of Movement
Chadwick Studios
HAPY studio
Steps Dance Studio
Anne Kingsford Dance School
Southport State High School
John Paul College
Logan Sports and Community Centre
Infinity Circus and Acro
Aerial Energy

For more information or a quote please contact us.

Performance Rigging

Aerial acts have their own high risk. Employing a qualified rigger to ensure that you have a safe and stable rig will allow you to focus on your act and not your rigging. Our team are creative problem solvers who can find rigging solutions to almost any performance situation. As performers, we know how frustrating it is to try to perform on bouncy rigs when you want your gear to be stable. Adjusting to new venues, lights, audience placement and sound systems can be disorienting, having solid and safe rigging is a must. Employing a Trix Circus rigger allows you to perform at your best.

Most venues in Australia will only permit licensed riggers with the appropriate public liability insurance to install circus equipment. Trix Circus riggers are qualified, compliant, extremely competent and fully insured. This offers you peace of mind; knowing that your needs are taken care of and your performing conditions are optimal – allowing you to shine.

We are highly experienced with all safety line support for swinging and flying aerial acts as well as the operation of mechanical advantage systems and counter-weight systems.  If you need an experienced longe or system operator, we can offer you this service along with, or separate from, our rigging services.

For more information or a quote please contact us.

Some examples of venues that Trix Circus has rigged in:
Smithsonian Museum (Washington DC)
Sydney Opera House
His Majesty’s Theatre (Perth)
Ahoy Halle (Rotterdam)
Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)
Janfusun Fancy World (Taiwan)
Southbank Plaza
Brisbane Performing Arts Centre
Gold Coast Performing Arts Centre
Melbourne Convention Centre
Townsville Convention Centre
Treasury Casino (Brisbane)
Star City (Sydney)
Jupiters Casino (Gold Coast)
Brisbane Convention Centre
Gold Coast Convention Centre
Family Niteclub
East Niteclub
The Regent Theatre (Melbourne)

Private Home Installations

Every student’s dream is to have a rig in their own home, however, most houses do not have direct rigging potential. Most home installations will require an aerial rig to get you safely in the air.

To meet this need, we manufacture and sell a premium free-standing aerial rig. This aerial rig has been engineer-designed and is fabricated by qualified welders to Australia Standards to these specific engineering designs. Please talk with us directly before your aerial rig purchase.

Our Riggers

Rodleigh Stevens

Over 45 years of international and Australian rigging expertise.

Australian Advanced Rigging Licence No. 0003208415 02  in Classes DG, RA, WP.

Elevated Work Platform Trained Operator Licence number 381944 for SL, BL.

Amanda Lynch

Over 18 years of Australian and international rigging expertise.

Formation in circus rigging École Nationale de Cirque (High Distinction).

Australian Intermediate Rigging Licence No. 0003224080 02 in classes DG, RA.

Elevated Work Platform Trained Operator Licence number 381943 for SL.



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