Can I order a custom piece?2023-10-19T12:07:30+10:00

We welcome custom orders. Please go to our Custom equipment page for more details or call us directly on +61 466 158 820. For all metal-based equipment, we only work with strict engineering controls (including design and correctly qualified welders). This process is both costly and time consuming so please be ready well in advance of your project start date. Please note that there are no returns or refunds on custom orders.

How fast will my order come?2023-12-12T16:47:26+10:00

All our equipment is made-to-order and manufacture only commences after we have received a full payment for your order. Some orders may take a little more time to prepare. Generally we guarantee your order to be shipped within 10 business days. If you’d like to get your equipment faster, you can choose the 15% rush fee option at the checkout.
Shipping inside Australia takes around 2-5 business days (WA may take longer). Most equipment is sent by Australia Post, delivery times may differ based on where you are located in Australia (generally between 2-5 working days, but WA may take longer).

Can I get expedited shipping?2023-12-12T16:47:42+10:00

Yes, we can send your order by Express Post or courier and provide you with a tracking number. Please call us on 0466 158 820 for availability of your order and extra costing

Do you ship overseas?2020-09-19T22:46:29+10:00

Yes we do, please contact us and we will send you a quote for shipping cost.

Who makes my equipment?2020-09-19T22:45:46+10:00

We make your equipment! Here in house with our own hands! Go the the About Us page for more information.

Some items that need specialised engineering equipment to manufacture (like aerial hoops), we outsource to reputable engineering workshops, who manufactures them to our specifications.

How safe is Trix equipment?2020-09-19T22:45:46+10:00

We sell the safest circus equipment available! Both of our manufacturing experts have their Australian Advanced Riggers licence and have a combined total of over 50 years making circus equipment. We also regularly up-skill, research and converse with engineers and fabricators about the materials and techniques we use.

We regularly test our materials and our products (both load testing and destruction testing) to ensure that they meet and exceed Australian Safety Standards.

When creating gear we take into consideration the applied dynamic forces in circus. We use the weight of the user and multiply that number by the applied force of the relevant circus skill. Not all apparatus and skills are identical, so we take that into consideration as well. We then search for materials and manufacturing techniques that allow us to create apparatus are safe and solid for modern technical virtuosity.

Safety is everything, but it has to be useable and creative as well! So we also listen to you, our customers, to find out what your needs and expectations are.

We recommend conducting a visual inspection of all your human-loading equipment every time you use it.

Can you advise me about hanging my equipment?2020-09-19T22:45:44+10:00

For sure! We’d love to. You can call us or email us. If you’ve got a spot you’re thinking about hanging it, please send some pictures. We do many home installations and consultations. Visit our Rigging Service page for more information.

How do I choose the correct length silks?2023-10-19T12:08:56+10:00
The drop length measurement we use for our aerial silks represents the distance from floor to ceiling, for example when we sell you an 8m aerial silk, it is actually 16m of material mounted onto a figure 8.
You may choose to have your aerial silks match your floor-to-ceiling height or you may choose to have extra tail on the ground to use creatively or to practice wraps low to the ground.
What rigging equipment do I need for my new silks?2023-10-19T12:09:42+10:00

Our aerial silks arrive ready to use with a delta maillon or Rock Exotica figure 8 attachment. You might however need to purchase a swivel (for spinning), carabiner and a sling if you need to rig from a beam. We have created a silks rigging set so that you can buy all of the above with one click.

What kind of material are your aerial silks made from?2020-09-19T22:45:15+10:00

The fabric we use for our aerial silks is a 2-way stretch tricot nylon. It is very low stretch. There are other fabrics that aerialists may use such as polyester lycra, which have a higher stretch. We suggest adding a bungee pack if you would like to add some bounce to your system.

Can I buy my fabric from Spotlight or a sewing store?2020-09-19T22:36:10+10:00

Buying your silk from a reputable circus specialists is the best choice. They have already gone through this process of finding safe materials and how they react to the humans using them. Here at Trix Circus, we regularly do load tests on batches of materials to ensure that they reach our high safety standards.

If you choose to buy material from a non-circus source, be sure to have it load tested so that you can be sure that they are safe for human loading.

Should I buy a hollow ring or solid ring?2020-09-19T22:37:20+10:00
This is very much a personal preference. Here is some useful information about each option:
  • The hollow ring is a slightly thicker (25mm) stainless steel bar, making the apparatus somewhat less painful to use. It is light, ideal for traveling, however it can be difficult to use for some drops, as it will ‘fling’ away from you. Hollow rings also don’t keep their spin for long.
  • Solid rings are a thinner bar (22mm) stainless steel bar, therefore can be a little bit more painful to use. It is preferred by most professional performers as it keeps its spin much longer.
Single point or double point lyra?2020-09-19T22:39:15+10:00

This is personal preference, depending on what type of act you’d like to develop. Why not get both!

Another option is our tabless aerial ring which is ready for numerous configurations!

What rigging equipment do I need for my lyra?2020-09-19T22:40:36+10:00

At the least you will need a swivel and a carabiner. We recommend setting the swivel away from hands, hair and feet by adding any extension rope and setting the swivel above this. If you are rigging from a beam you might also need a sling to create a rigging point. We have created a full aerial ring set up for you, you can now buy all the necessary bits and pieces with one click.

Do you repair Spanish web, corde lisse, rope and cloudswing covers?2020-09-19T23:27:11+10:00

Yes we do.  It’s a tough job but someone has got to do it! Just contact us to have a chat. It is very labour intensive to recover a rope, so the cost of recovering reflects that.


Trix Circus offers repair services on most of our equipment. We offer this service at a cost to the consumer. Each repair job is different and will be quoted on a case-by-case basis. We do not repair non-Trix Circus brand equipment.

Can I wear my jewelry when I train aerial silks?2020-11-02T20:29:25+10:00

Please note that aerial silks is made of fabric. It is strong and rated for drops if it is used in the way prescribed. HOWEVER!!! It is also fragile and can easily be damaged by any jewelry or foreign object. If you have ordered silks, take care when opening the package: for instance, do not open the package with scissors.

Do NOT leave them outside. Do NOT leave them in direct sunlight. Sunlight will destroy the integrity of the fabric. Inclement weather conditions can also easily damage your silks. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

Washing Instructions for Aerial Silks2020-11-02T20:03:11+10:00

Wash your aerial silks ONLY with natural soap flakes (available from any supermarket) on a gentle COLD cycle. NEVER put in a dryer. Dry in a shady area. Avoid excess heat.

How do I store my aerial silk?2020-11-02T21:14:02+10:00

Do NOT leave aerial silks. outside. Do NOT leave aerial silks in direct sunlight. Sunlight will destroy the integrity of the fabric. Inclement weather conditions can also easily damage your silks. Store the silks in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

Note: if you have ordered silks, take care when opening the package: for instance, do not open the package with scissors.


How do we measure the ropes on a trapeze?2022-08-19T11:22:51+10:00

We measure our trapeze ropes in terms of “bearing point-to-bearing point”, ie. from the bottom of the bar to the underside of the top of the thimble or maillon. There may be a discrepancy between the rope lengths when under load (in use) and not under load. The rope lengths given on this website are the “under load/in use” measurements.

Do I need special carabiners for my trapeze?2022-02-11T18:25:46+10:00

Yes you do! You need a wide-gate carabiner like the Axis triple-lock steel carabiners we sell. This wide-gate allows you to get the carabiner over the rope and thimble. A regular gate carabiner won’t fit.

My equipment measures shorter on the ground than the length I bought.2022-03-31T10:53:49+10:00

All our equipment is made with “in use” in mind. Therefore our equipment may measure shorter when laid out on the ground that the length described on the internet or in your invoice. If you measure the bar under tension/in use then the described measurement will be accurate. We do it this way for 2 reasons. Number 1, all our gear is made “under tension” so that we can ensure it is safe for use. And Number 2, lots of aerialists are working in low spaces so they need to know their gear won’t stretch beyond the measurement described in the website or purchase invoice. Over time the difference between the relaxed (lying on the floor) version of your gear and the in use (up in the air with you hanging on it) will reduce. This give in the material is part of its strength, so it’s a happy thing 🙂

What is the difference between a single and double strand hammock?2022-04-06T13:00:22+10:00

Most hammocks you work on will be single strand. Aerial yoga hammocks are all single strand. The double strand hammock is essentially like having two single strand hammocks in the one apparatus. It provides more opportunities for complex wraps and positions. A double strand hammock needs the same rigging as for a single strand hammock. The double strand hammock is recommended for partner work as it is close to twice as strong as a single strand hammock.

Who is the carrier for Trix Circus parcels in the United States?2022-08-16T19:18:54+10:00

All USA-bound packages are sent through USPS (primarily) or DHL once they land in the USA. The tracking number supplied in this email can be used at https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirm to track your package.

Who is the carrier for Trix Circus parcels in countries other than the USA?2023-01-09T13:38:59+10:00

Australia Post handles almost all Trix Circus parcels here in Australia. Outside of Australia, Australia Post uses the following carriers

Canada: Canada Post

Philippines: PHL post

United Kingdom: Royal Mail

For overseas clients: Why does the price change when I input my shipping details?2023-01-10T09:03:01+10:00

In Australia we have a Goods and Services Tax that is applied to goods and services we sell at Trix Circus. This tax does not apply to overseas clients who purchase our goods and services. The website is constructed to remove the GST amount at checkout once you have supplied it with information about your locality.

Why is there an added fee for Afterpay?2023-01-11T09:30:05+10:00
The fee we apply to your order for using Afterpay reflects the amount that Afterpay charges us for your use of the Afterpay payment platform. We are an Australian company who manufactures all our products here and we do not have the profit margins to absorb the 7% fee that they charge. To stay in business, we have to pass this fee back onto the client. If you’d like to avoid this fee but still pay your item off over time, PayPal “Pay in 4” has fees similar to credit cards and we absorb this fee into our running costs.
Can I get my corde lisse or cloudswing recovered?2023-04-11T14:50:03+10:00

Yes you certainly can! As long as it is a Trix brand one. We would only recommend recovering the corde lisse/cloudswings we have made since 2020 (prior to this we used different packing materials which make the cost of recovering very time consuming and therefore expensive). The cost for corde lisse recovering is $150 for labour + materials on top of that fee. The cost for cloud swing is $180 for labour + materials on top of that fee. We do not recover corde lisse or cloudswings from different manufacturers.

Triangle Spreader: Which size is right for my apparatus?2023-06-07T15:27:31+10:00

We have 2 sizes of triangular spreader plates. The small ones are best for aerial straps and the large ones are best for dance trapeze. For hammock you can use either small or large. We recommend using the Trix triangular plate with Rock Exotica Shackle Swivels.

Small size: 7cm between the exterior bottom holes (centre of hole-to-centre of hole)
Large size: 11.5cm between the bottom holes (centre of hole-to-centre of hole)

The stainless steel triangular plates are for keeping the swivels apart to allow them to spin smoothly and without obstruction.

Aerial Silks: What does ‘drop length’ mean?2023-10-19T12:57:04+10:00

Drop length indicates the length of the fabric when rigged.

A 4m drop length will actually be an 8m piece of fabric with the rigging fixture fitted to the middle of it.

A 5m drop length will actually be an 10m piece of fabric with the rigging fixture fitted to the middle of it.

A 6m drop length will actually be an 12m piece of fabric with the rigging fixture fitted to the middle of it.

A 8m drop length will actually be an 16m piece of fabric with the rigging fixture fitted to the middle of it.

A 9m drop length will actually be an 18m piece of fabric with the rigging fixture fitted to the middle of it.

A 10m drop length will actually be an 20m piece of fabric with the rigging fixture fitted to the middle of it.

A 11m drop length will actually be an 22m piece of fabric with the rigging fixture fitted to the middle of it.

A 12m drop length will actually be an 24m piece of fabric with the rigging fixture fitted to the middle of it.


How much does Postal Insurance cost for International items?2023-12-20T18:31:26+10:00

When sending articles overseas with us, there are services where you can purchase international Extra Cover at $4.00 for each $100, or part thereof, of your item’s value up to $5,000 (noting that some services have $500 cover limits).


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