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Meet your new best friends!

Our lovely Jugs keep us going every day!

Lester Lynch-Stevens


Hi my name is Lester and I’m the brains of this operation. I’ve never been into acrobatics, I’m more interested in the managerial side of things. I spend most of my days in the office, overseeing projects and coordinating my team. What do I love about circus, you ask? Well, it has taken me literally around the world. I’ve gotten to travel across Australia, America and Canada. I’ve even been to New Zealand! I’ve seen the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the Great Barrier Reef, I’ve even visited more states in the USA than my mum! I suppose you could say that I love circus for the lifestyle, the travel, the excitement of a new city… new smells… new foods!

Sadly Lester has taken his next adventure alone and we imagine he’s opened a branch of Trix Circus in doggie heaven. We love you Lester, we can’t believe how much we miss you and we are unable to fill the big hole that you have left in our lives. xxx o00

Favourite Circus Act: Double Trapeze

Wiggle Bottom Lynch-Stevens

Wiggle is keen on anything aerial. She is passionate about tissu, finding it a comfortable and soft bed to enjoy afternoon naps, but she also loves to watch flying trapeze. While dreaming of flying through the air (which she has done quite a bit of with her bestie Lester), she isn’t so keen on teeterboard – too much noise and she’s a bit scared of getting squished underneath it! Now Wiggle’s days of travelling with the show and mum and dad are over, she has taken the role of head of security at Trix HQ. After years of caravan and studio apartment living, she has definitely found her voice!

Favourite Circus Act: Silks

DogZilla “the Bear” Lynch-Stevens

Zilla “the Bear” Lynch-Stevens is happy to help where ever help is needed. Whether it is unpacking the trailer, a little office work, back up security with Wiggle, Zilla is first in line to lend a paw.

Favourite Circus Act: Hair hanging act (of all things!)

Chester Humphrey

Chester Humphrey is our latest edition. Coming from a Griffon x Pug background, he has what it takes to give plenty of support to the students while they train. Some people do goat yoga. Here we do dog circus. Chester enjoys making trapeze bars and taste testing every product and student

Favourite Circus Act: Straps strength training (bite-height hair) and Stretching (availability of toes for biting)


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