Aerial Silks Apparatus (Low-Stretch Tricot)

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Who doesn’t love aerial silks? And ours are the best! Thick and delicious with a little shimmer, you’ll love working on these. Tricot is absolutely low stretch, so perfect for aerialists that like little bounce in their silks. If you love bounce, add a bungee pack! Most colours are in stock and ship immediately!


Trix Circus ensures that your product leaves our establishment in perfect condition, we are NOT liable or responsible for any damage that occurs in transit or during use. Please make yourself aware of the DOS and DON’TS and the Product Data Sheet.

Pictured: Beatrice Duong/@beatriceduong

Photography: Caitlyn Holmes Aerials/@caitlynholmesaerials


Design Specifications

Choose from our wide range of aerial silks colours, lengths and rigging options. The standard colours are always available (black, red, hot pink, aqua blue, violet) with stunning new colour choices often on offer.

Choose a length to suit your space and the rigging that suits your needs. Our silks are sold in drop lengths.


4m 8m of fabric + rigging
5m 10m of fabric + rigging
6m 12m of fabric + rigging
7m 14m of fabric + rigging
8m 16m of fabric + rigging
9m 18m of fabric + rigging
10m 20m of fabric + rigging
11m 22m of fabric + rigging
12m 24m of fabric + rigging

You should choose the drop length that is equal to the vertical height of the space you are rigging in. If you’d like some extra tail on the ground, go up a drop length. We can also customise the width of your silk if necessary.

Please note: the colours on your screen may differ slightly to the final product due to different screen settings and brightnesses. Please adjust the brightness on your screen to 100% to get the best view of the different colours. Also please check our Instagram page to see a variety of pictures of the silk colours.

Trix silk apparatus are available on a Figure 8 silks separator.  We will send the silks to you pre-rigged on either a Rock Exotica, Singing Rock, Kong or Edelrid figure 8. Please email us before ordering if you require a specific brand.




Dynamic WLL*


User Load Limit


*User loads must take into account dynamic forces applied and not exceed the dynamic WLL.

**MBS/WLL/ULL units reflect double strand usage.

Download the Product Information Sheet

Rock Exotica Figure 8: Breaking Strength: 22 kN

Edelrid, Singing Rock or Kong Figure 8 MBS: 40 kN

Customisation Available

  • Length of silk
  • Width of silk (fees apply)

Please email us with details of your customisation request before you have placed your order. There are no returns or refunds on custom orders.


For high-level dynamic work, or if you just want a softer landing, add a bungee pack to your purchase.

Don’t forget to check out our rigging catalogue for all your accessories like carabiners, swivels and slings.

Additional information


Black, White, Red, Hot Pink, Violet, Aqua Blue, Neon Green, Navy Blue, Champagne, Baby Pink, Emerald Green, Lilac, Turquoise, Burgundy, Sunshine Gold, Seafoam Green, Liquid Gold, Silver, Orange


4m drop, 5m drop, 6m drop, 7m drop, 8m drop, 9m drop, 10m drop, 11m drop, 12m drop


Double strand aerial silk fabric: 1,800 kg
Singing Rock or Kong Figure 8 MBS: 40kN
Rock Exotica Figure 8: Breaking Strength: 22 kN

Dynamic WLL*

950 kg

User Load Limit

150 kg


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