A New Start

I loved starting a new contract with a new cast of performers.  It was common to meet performers with whom I may have worked on another show.  Quite often you met strangers that had common friends with you and that was a good time to catch up on their news.  More than the social value of those new friends was the respect and admiration I found in them all.  Respect for their love of the art of circus, despite the physical stress it caused to their bodies.  Admiration for their talents and the time that it must have taken them to hone them to a high level of skill.  They all had different histories which I loved to learn.


Starting this new online coaching platform is very much like this.  We will make new friends and might know each other already.  I look forward to encouraging and guiding people who love circus and want to learn more skills.  Increasing our network of friends in the circus industry is always a productive activity, and I hope that this platform will become an extension to that end.  I look forward to meeting many more circus enthusiasts who are not only audience members, but performers who want to train hard and learn skills that will amaze the audience.  I look forward to this investment in your passion.  Here’s to training safely and learning performance longevity.


(Pictured above is my son Bradleigh at 5 weeks old with his mother standing close by.  I’m proud of my son who is now twenty-three years old, and still doing chin ups!)

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