Aerial at home? Here’s all you need to know… Part 1

Welcome to our blog series on at home rigging. In this instalment we will explore some of the regular questions clients ask us about rigging installations in their home, the pitfalls of home rigging, the costs involved and some alternative options for you to consider before making the commitment.

QUESTION: I am a new aerial artist and want my own rigging for circus. I am really overwhelmed with what I have to buy from your shop and how I am going to set up my rigging. Do you have any advice for me?

ANSWER: We never recommend a home set up when you’re just starting out. As a new aerialist, you don’t really need your own set up. You should be taking lots of classes to develop your strength and aerial awareness and attending supervised open practice at your local studio and doing regular body weight and resistance training at home or at

your local gym. This will keep you safe, help you build a support network in your circus community as well as keeping your local aerial studio or circus school in business. At a circus/aerial school, you will be able to learn from qualified and experienced trainers in a place that has been set up to keep you safe from potential hazards.

Training at home seems like a great idea, but it is very hard to stay motivated when you’re on your own! Joining a group class basically gives you a training plan for the term. It is also a great way to make friends with the same interest, opening you to new ideas and pushing you harder than most people can push themselves.

Setting up aerials is expensive and comes with a lot of hazards. As exciting as it may seem, aerial arts are dangerous and can cause serious injury when practicing at low heights. Before beginning unsupervised training at home, give yourself time to gain a deep understanding of the dangers around aerial arts, as well as time to make sure you really, really love aerial circus before you spend your hard-earned cash on a home set up.


QUESTION: My kids have seen aerials (silks/hoop) on Instagram and want to try it out. What do I need to get them started?

ANSWER: Would you give your kids a car without driving lessons? No. Giving them an aerial installation at home before obtaining the necessary aerial experience is exactly like giving them a car to drive without the proper training.

Instead of an installation, your child needs to take lessons at your local aerial school. These will help your child start their journey safely under the supervision of qualified trainers and help them connect with their local circus community.

It is also worth noting here that aerial circus is the PERFORMANCE of ease and beauty. It is actually incredibly hard and very painful. You might purchase all the equipment for an at home installation and find your child only uses it a few times before abandoning it. It is hard, painful and extremely frustrating when they cannot do the moves they see on Instagram.

In short, ALWAYS go for a set of lessons to try out any sport before buying all the equipment.

Next time we will look at the engineering requirements, and some safety points for an in-home set up.

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