Living in Difficult Times

Due to the current international pandemic of the Covid-19 virus, we all find ourselves in a state of instability, fear and confusion.  Most people whom I know in the circus industry are without work at this time and my heart goes out to them all.  Like myself, most of my Cirque co-workers and performers have unexpectedly found themselves without a job.  Before this moment, it was impossible to imagine that this could happen and now it’s hard to predict when it might end.  With hope and optimism, I trust that this crisis will fade into history and our jobs and lifestyle will once again be re-ignited, and we can all get back to do what we love to do – circus!  I am using this time, when training spaces are closed and you do not have access to your usual coaches, to offer continued coaching support to your training program.  Many of you are experiencing an enforced hiatus in training.  Use this time to heal injuries and work on your strength and flexibility.  Try not to lose sight of goals which have temporarily been postponed.  I wish you all strength of character and determination to keep in the best shape you can be in, so as soon as normal training and performing can re-commence, you are physically ready for it.  It’s now time to do another set of sit-ups!

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