Measuring yourself for a lyra

Hi! Sonia and Amanda here again to answer more of your lyra questions 🙂 So far we have covered the difference between hollow and solid rings, as well as the different possible rigging configurations. Today we are going to discuss how to work out what size lyra to purchase. 

Let’s dive in and look at your options…

What do we mean by lyra size?

First of all, we should clarify what we mean by “lyra size”. At Trix Circus lyra sizes give you the INSIDE DIAMETER of the aerial hoop. For us, that’s THE important measurement, as that’s the space your body gets to work in and must fit into.

What are our standard lyra sizes?

Trix Circus offers 4 standard lyra sizes: 75cm (kids), 85cm, 90cm and 95cm.

How do I measure for myself for a lyra?

So how do you choose the best size to suit your needs?

Generally the best place to start is to ask your coach what size lyra you are using in the class. You will probably want to get one the same size or a similar size. 

If the class lyra size doesn’t work for you, here is a simple measurement to work out your best size:

  • Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you and your back straight
  • Have your friend (mum, dad, partner, coach or whoever is available) measure from the floor to the top of your head
  • Add 5cm to your measurement for clearance and voila! you have your inside diameter for your lyra size
  • Pick the size closest to your measurement
  • If you are more than 5cm outside our standard sizes, we offer custom-sized lyras

What else should you consider with the sizing?

Student age and how quickly will they outgrow the ring

Trix lyras are all made from stainless steel, they will not rust nor will they pass an expiry date. Your Trix lyra may even last you a lifetime. Generally for adults, if you get the right size to start with, you should never need to replace it (assuming you look after it properly, of course). However children will outgrow their lyra at some point, just like they do with clothing. As a parent, you may choose to purchase a size bigger than what is required to extend the usefulness of the lyra. We do not recommend purchasing a lyra a great deal too much bigger than the recommended size as it will make the aerialist unsafe and uncomfortable. If the lyra is too big, the child-aerialist will literally struggle to reach the top with their hands. The good news is, Trix Circus lyras are re-sellable. If they are well maintained you should be able to onsell it with very little financial loss and purchase a new lyra fit for your child’s new size and needs.

Student back flexibility

If you have a student with a super flexible back, you can choose a ring that is a slightly smaller size. This will help showcase their bendy back! For standard back flexibility, we recommend staying very close to the measurement described in the above sections. 


Great news! All of our standard size lyras cost the same (there is a price difference between solid and hollow lyras – see our previous blog for more details). There is a surcharge for custom size lyras, as they need to be specially manufactured. Choosing a custom lyra will also add 2-3 weeks to the fulfillment time of your order. All our regular sized lyras are kept in stock, so generally when you are ready to buy it, we are ready to sell it to you!

We hope this answered your basic sizing questions. We will be back soon to talk about all the awesome accessories you can choose from! Have a great day! 


Xox Sonia and Amanda

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