Which Type of Tape is Right for You?

At Trix Circus we have many different types of tape you can choose from for your apparatus. We stock a large variety of tape in an array of different colours, textures, sizes, and prices. Although you’re not drowning in tape like us, we understand it can be overwhelming choosing the correct tape for your apparatus. The purpose of this guide is to educate you on the different types of tape we have available to help meet your needs and ensure your safety.


The professional industry standard tape we’d recommend off the bat is Velox Tressorex Tape. This cloth tape good for grip as its textured, but still smooth. This allows you a strong grip but also leaves you with the ability to release your grip without any trouble, keeping you as safe as possible.

It is also thick so none of the tape glue seeps through onto your hands. Another benefit of the extra thickness is extra padding on your apparatus and less pain for you! Velox comes in white, black, red, purple, lilac, yellow, and hot pink.

10 rolls are needed to tape a 90cm hoop which can make it expensive at $10 a roll but its longevity and ability to help the user maintain grip while moving smoothly on their apparatus outweighs its price.


Hockey tape is also a popular and suitable option. It comes in a wide variety of colours from blacks and whites to shades of blue, green, yellow, red, purple, and more! At $15 a roll this tape is budget friendly as one to two rolls can cover a 96cm hoop.

This tape has a smoother finish than Velox and is thinner cut, which can mean the adhesive may seep through more easily compared to a thicker tape. This can mean the user may get the glue on their hands while training and find their clothes may sometimes stick to the apparatus. The stickiness also makes untapping your apparatus a very lengthy and unpleasant experience. This tape is by no means a bad choice.

Although it is not as premium as Velox tape, it is wallet friendly, a good choice in a pinch, and will do a sufficient job.


Our third tape option is rough white tape. Rough white tape is, as the name suggests, rough and white. This tape is most suitable for swinging trapeze artists, as this discipline requires good grip at high speeds, which this tape provides. This is because of the rough texture of the tape and its ability to absorb moisture from the user.

At Trix Circus we offer a variety of tapes to suit your needs. While Velox tape is the industry gold standard and the tape we would recommend most, the other tapes that we do have on offer are perfectly suitable for array of different circumstances and conditions.

Your safety is our business and we are happy to help guide you in your selection so you get the best product that suits your needs and ensures your safety.

We also offer lyra taping service for extra fee. You will need to purchase the correct amount of tape for this service to be offered 🙂

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