Can’t find exactly what you’re after in our online shop? We can adjust many of our products to your needs, whether it be non-standard size or colour, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Have an idea for a new and exciting apparatus? Our designers and manufactures work  with qualified engineers to create structurally safe new equipment designs. All custom steel and aluminum equipment must go through an engineering design and certification process. This ensures liability issues are addressed and that the equipment meets Australian Standards. This process is costly and time consuming, so please be prepared well in advance. Please also understand that custom-built unique, safe and beautiful equipment is not a budget item. All critical anchors and welding will be completed by properly certified and qualified welders under the strictest of conditions and to the appropriate Australian Standard.

Trix Circus has manufactured custom-built equipment for companies like Cirque du Soleil, Feld Entertainment and individual artists across the globe. We will always ensure that all equipment is manufactured to the highest safety standards, giving you peace of mind.

For custom lengths and sizes of our regular Trix Circus-manufactured equipment, customers must allow at least 5 business days for manufacture. Our business days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If the customer would like the items quicker than this, a rush fee of 15% will apply.

Some examples of previous Trix Circus custom-made equipment:

Aerial equipment:

unique-shaped aerial rings

ombré silks

aerial nets

bungee trapeze

bungee straps

dance bungees

aerial cradles

“M” ropes

tippy lyra

Ground based equipment:

hand balancing canes

stilt hand balance crutches

cyr wheels


rolla bolla

Russian swings

Russian bars

acro pole

chinese pole

Specialised performance equipment:

full-size flying trapeze

mini flying trapeze

show rigs

casting cradle

trampoline rigs

aerial chandelier

Russian swing 

Chinese poles show set

swinging crane bars 

For more details please EMAIL us directly.


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