X Shaped Hand Balancing Stand

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This hand balancing stand is for higher skill-level students, artist and athletes. This is a great apparatus for serious hand balancing students who want to experiment with choreography and artistic research. It’s also a versatile first performance stand. Its best use is for artists that can hold one-arm balances and make transfers from one arm to the other with ease.

Pictured: Tiffany Field/ @tiffy_lee98


Design Components

The Trix Circus hand balancing stand is made out of mild steel for strength, durability and most of all for stability. The base is engineered to be rock solid, especially when doing lateral balances on one arm like crocodiles, one arm archer poses and hyper-flexible contortion shapes.

The Trix Circus X shaped base of this hand balancing stand provides multiple options for canes to be used in different configurations. The X shaped stand can work with up to 5 canes at the same time.

The canes come 60cm high. This is a customizable feature.

You have a choice of options for cane distance: adult small or adult large (distance is measured from centre of cane to centre of cane).

We make the wooden blocks from pine with rounded edges to provide a comfortable hand grip. The blocks themselves do not get painted.


The stand comes in multiple colour choices: gold (pictured) or rose gold.

Customisation Available (additional fees and manufacture times apply)

Height of canes.


Please email us with details of your customisation request before you have placed your order. There are no returns or refunds on custom orders.

Please read our Trix Circus Guarantee Policy before purchasing this product.

This product is proudly certified Australian Made

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