Engineer Certified Aerial Rescue and Anchorage Pin Rail

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Introducing for the first time in Australia – a fully engineered and certified pin rail made specifically for circus use. Pin rails allow for anchoring of pulley systems as well as rescues incase of an emergency.  An important addition to studios teaching aerial disciplines.


Design Components

This fully engineered and certified anchoring system provides the user a convenient option to “tie off”  their adjustable pulley systems without making knots in their ropes.  The versatile pin rail doubles as a safety release system, allowing the coach to lower a student in distress, very quickly and easily without much physical effort.

It is easy to adjust heights of your aerial gear safely and efficiently (but not under human load). It is also designed for ropes of any size normally used in circus applications.

The pin rail frame requires four 16mm bolts for anchoring it into a concrete slab.  It is designed for a direct vertical upwards load and should to be installed directly below the diversion pulleys that require it.  This should be installed by a qualified rigger or a person with experience in installing specialised concrete anchoring bolts and under the direction of engineering certification. We recommend a pull test completed upon installation (and annually after installation) by qualified height safety specialists such as Height Dynamics.

The dimensions are 900mm long x 150mm wide x 1200mm high.


It is rated for a combined weight load of 2000kg.



Must be installed under the guidance of a qualified circus rigger and with direction from the structural engineer of the building.

Must be installed in suitable concrete.

The size and type of bolt will be determined by the structural engineer.





Please read our Trix Circus Guarantee Policy before purchasing this product.

This product is proudly certified Australian Made


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