GripTec: Instant Grip

$29.70 AUD Inc. GST

Slippery hands are not safe on aerial. GripTec is a perfect grip aide for all aerialists at all levels. Cleaner to use than resin and stickier in a wider range of weather situations. Get grippy today!


This is what Cirque du Soleil uses for artists’ grip when they perform in Australia. It will stick you to your apparatus like nothing else! We personally like a combination of GripTec and a little resin, but each to their own! Great for cold dry and hot wet conditions. Using Griptec in a studio situation also keeps your studio clean of resin debris – an added bonus!

Available in a 200ml aerosol can

Please note: Grip Tech can be purchased express post but may not necessarily be sent through the express post system as it is an aerosol product and is sometimes redirected through the road delivery system.

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Spray 200ml


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