1/2 Hour Lesson – In-Person or Online

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During your private coaching session, your coach will:

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There are many set programs available: 10-week inversion, handstand programs, etc. These are great and we encourage you to participate in them. What we are offering is different. These set programs can be limited in their ability to cater for individual needs, different body shapes, different equipment, higher-level skills or those training road blocks that we all encounter. Circus is all about biomechanics and guess what? Biomechanics changes with each individual, due to body shape, musculature, height and strength to body weight ratio. So, while those general programs are a great road map, having an expert work with you and your body on your equipment is the most efficient and personalised way to further your circus abilities.

During your private coaching session, we will:

Booking your Private Coaching session:

We are using the zoom.us website to view videos and do face-to-face online sessions with individuals or groups*.  This could take place from your home or from your training space* so long as you have a strong internet connection.


Join us in our training studio located in Ormeau, Queensland; with full capabilities for most aerial acts including permanent swinging trapeze and cloudswing riggings. All private lesson students have access to our electric performer flying winch and other features of our space.

Step 1: send us an email (or use the form below) to say ‘Hi! I’d like to try your personalised circus coaching’ and we’ll email you back with some questions.

Step 2: over email we will agree on a date and time* for your session (compensating, if necessary, for time differences).

Step 3: We’ll make a zoom.us meeting** or setup a time for you to come to our studio***. You’ll get an email with the time and date of the meeting as well as with a link you can click on to access the meeting (online lessons only).

You are ready for your session.

We look forward to helping you achieve your circus training goals!

*For a group skill it is necessary that all group members are present during the session.

*Please set up your recording device so that we can see your live attempts as you try the skill using our advice.  This will be a similar experience as having a coach with you in the same space to watch you train, even if we are halfway around the world!

**All activities are undertaken at the student’s own risk. Students must use appropriate safety equipment and the rigging must be safely installed. Our coaches will verify this with you each session. We are not covered by insurance for your equipment in your studio.**

***We follow all local and national COVID-19 prevention policies; all lessons are subject to the current state of the pandemic in Queensland, Australia.


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