Rock Exotica Stainless Steel Swivel

$354.95 AUD Inc. GST

We love this swivel! Super strong and with a large eye that make it easy to hook your carabiners and mallions into. It gives a long, smooth and fast spin. This heavy duty steel swivel is perfect for travel and circus school set ups. It is known for its durability.


Design Components

Rock Exotica Large Rotator Round Swivel has one large 30mm eye and another smaller eye 13mm that are ideal for circus applications. The small eye is perfect for connecting shackles while the larger end is excellent for carabiners and attaching your apparatuses.

After requests from customers who were swaging a steel eye and cable directly to swivels, Rock Exotica has created a swivel machined from stainless steel. This heavy duty swivel will outlast aluminum when connected to steel components, and offers additional corrosion resistance when working in marine environments. Available in plated black.

Please Note: The oxide finish on the black stainless steel swivel differs significantly from the finishes used on our other products. Black oxide shows scratches easily, wears more quickly, and is aesthetically imperfect as a new, unused product.

Weight: 8 oz (227 gm)


WLL: 5 kN | BS: 36 kN | Certification: CE

Technical specifications available here.

Additional information


WLL: 5 kN, BS: 36 kN, Certification: CE


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