Single Point Rigging Kit

$250.00$310.00 AUD Inc. GST

Get it rigged today with this simple and safe installation kit!


Design Components

A handy kit for single point aerial installations.

Includes: 1x Petzl Large or 1x Rock Exotica Large swivel, 1 x 1m soft sling, 1 or 2 x triple-lock steel carabiner(s)


Swivel: WLL: 5 kN | BS: 36 kN | Certification: CE

Soft sling: WLL 2000kg

Trix sources triple-lock steel carabiners with a BS around 50kN

Technical specifications for the Petzl swivel available.

Additional information


Swivel: WLL: 5 kN, BS: 36 kN, CE
Carabiner: BS around 50kN
Soft sling: WLL 1000kg, BS


One Carabiner, Two Carabiners


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