Travel Straps: Conditioning Accessory

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Travel Straps for on-the-go aerial training. Strong, durable and so light that you can pack them into your carry-on luggage when travelling.

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Design Components

Our travel straps are available in multicolour, cream and black. They can be cinched onto any chin up bar to do straps and strength conditioning.

They are made out of very comfortable tubular webbing. As of June 2023, our travel straps have inner reinforcement and are rated accordingly. Prior to June 2023, the travel straps did not have reinforcement inside of them and were therefore ONLY FOR STATIC CONDITIONING. These were not rated for dynamic work. The travel strap is a conditioning tool only and is not recommended for dynamic work.


For black and red travel straps, the colouration may fade over time. In order to preserve the vibrancy of the colour, please keep out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

It is very important to keep the travel straps clean and free from moisture and condensation. Do not leave them outside in the elements and do not store them in a plastic bag (this could create condensation and encourage a moist environment).


MBS** (inner safety webbing)


Dynamic WLL*


User Load Limit


*User loads must take into account dynamic forces applied and not exceed the dynamic WLL.

**MBS/WLL/ULL units reflect double strand usage.

Download the Aerial Straps Product Information Sheet

Optional Extras

A pair of colour matched cinches for extra safety.

Please read our Trix Circus Guarantee Policy before purchasing this product.

This product is proudly certified Australian Made

Additional information


Cream (cotton), Black (cotton), Red (cotton), Multi colour, Green, Blue, Pink




Cotton: 1,700 kg, Nylon: 2,500 kg

Dynamic WLL


User Load Limit

Cotton: 100kg, Nylon: 120kg


With Keeper, Without Keeper


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