AusLift Rigging Sling

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Professional AusLift black rigging slings that are great for both practice and performance applications. WLL of 2 metric tonne and BS of 14 metric tonnes. Available in several useful lengths.


Design Components

AusLift brand soft black round slings that are great for rigging aerial equipment from a beam or as an extension for trapezes or aerial rings.

Pre-fabricated AustLift brand rigging slings. Each comes with correct loading and rigging information on the sling itself.

Best Use

These slings are made of polyster/Nylon. The manufacturer states that there is no expiry date on the slings, that they must be regularly inspected and discarded if they show signs of wear and tear. With each sling, you will receive a certificate. On the back of that certificate, you must fill in the details of when the sling was put into use and also record when it has been inspected.


WLL 2000kg | BS 14000kg

Additional information


0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m


WLL 2000kg, BS 14000kg


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