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White Grip Tape

$10.00$15.00 AUD Inc. GST

White aerial tape is a must on your trapeze, on your aerial ring, in your training bag, in your show bag and in your handbag!


Design Components

White aerial tape to improve your grip and reduce the risk of your hands slipping. Choose from flat tape for comfortable soft feel, Velox tape for comfort and grip, or rough tape for extra grip and great moisture wicking ability (the last two are ideal for  flying or swinging trapeze).

Flat tape comes on a 13.7m roll and is 4.5cm wide.

Velox Cotton Tressostar 90 is 2.8m long and 2cm wide.

Rough tape comes on a 4.5m roll and is 7.5cm wide.

How much tape should I get?

Get 2 rolls of either rough white tape or flat tape to tape your aerial hoop completely.

You will need 9-10 rolls of Velox tape to tape your aerial hoop completely. Velox tape is expensive but it greatly outlasts and out performs any other tape. It is important to finish your Velox taping job with a little bit of hockey tape or electrical tape at the edges. This prevents the Velox tape rolling or peeling off. Our preference is for hockey tape as the adhesive doesn’t melt in the heat.

Additional information

Fabric Type

Flat white, Rough white, Velox Cloth


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