12mm Black Rope

$4.20 AUD Inc. GST

9757 in stock (can be backordered)

Everyone needs this rope! Dependable and strong. Professional black colour is great for performance situations and stays looking good for prolonged studio use.

9757 in stock (can be backordered)


Design Components

This 12mm double braided black nylon rope is a versatile solution for all your rigging situations. Perfect for use in our Rock Exotica pulleys. The black colour looks great on stage and in the studio. It is manufactured from UV stabilized nylon yarn and is easy to handle and tie knots into.

Capable of handing the dynamic loads common in circus arts.


BS: 3570kg

Regular visual inspection of ropes by a qualified professional is a necessity. We recommend having all rigging gear on a schedule of maintenance and retirement.


Price is $4.20m. To purchase your desired length, please enter the number of units of rope you would like to buy and we will use that number to measure the total length (ie. 17 items of rope = 17m length of rope).

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BS: 3570kg


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