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Kids Aerial Hoop

$385.00$611.95 AUD Inc. GST

Buy your child the gift of safety and security with an aerial ring from Trix Circus. We’ve been making stainless steel aerial rings for over 20 years. Nothing beats the beauty of a shiny, strong, stainless steel aerial hoop…

Pictured: Bettina Czegledi/@bettina_tumblezz


Design Components

Trix Circus child-sized aerial rings are made from 25mm hollow stainless steel tube.

The standard size for kids is 75cm (INSIDE DIAMETER measurement). Custom sizes are available upon request.

Trix Circus aerial hoops arrive clean, untaped and ready for you to personalise as you desire. They come without rigging but you may purchase a spin set or other rigging as required.





3,400 kg

2,700 kg

Point of Deflection

610 kg


Dynamic WLL*

500 kg


User Load Limit

160 kg

160 kg

*User loads must take into account dynamic forces applied and not exceed the dynamic WLL.

Download the Aerial Hoop Product Information Sheet

Customisation Available (additional fees and manufacture times apply)

  • Ring size (inside diameter)
  • Material (solid bar available on request)

Please email us with details of your customisation request before you have placed your order. There are no returns or refunds on custom orders.

Optional Extras

Spin Set: 1x Rock Exotica swivel, 2x triple-lock steel carabiner, 1x 1m Auslift sling

Please read our Trix Circus Guarantee Policy before purchasing this product.

This product is proudly certified Australian Made


Additional information


Single point, Tabless


No Rigging, Optional Spin Set


Tabbed: 3,400 kg, Tabless: 2,700 kg

Dynamic WLL*

Stainless steel hollow ring: 500 kg

User Load Limit

Stainless steel hollow ring: 160 kg

Point of Deflection

Stainless steel hollow ring: 610 kg, Stainless steel solid ring: 910 kg

Estimated Equipment Weight

Solid 9.5kg, Hollow 3.5kg


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