Kids Aerial Hoop

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Buy your child the gift of safety and security with an aerial ring from Trix Circus. We’ve been making stainless steel aerial rings for over 20 years. Nothing beats the beauty of a shiny, strong, stainless steel aerial hoop.

Pictured: Bettina Czegledi/@bettina_tumblezz


Design Components

Trix Circus child-sized aerial rings are made from 25mm hollow stainless steel tube.

The standard size for kids is 75cm (INSIDE DIAMETER measurement).

You have the choice of buying either a professional-grade engineer certified aerial hoop or a NATA destruction tested hoop for your child.

Professional-Grade Engineer Certified Lyras

Trix Circus Engineer Certified Aerial Hoops (manufactured from 15 November 2023) are certified for the below loads by Point Engineering/Jade Engineering. These load ratings are from a theoretical analysis for certification purposes and do not replace physical testing. Previous destruction testing has proven the hoops yield a higher MBS (minimum breaking strain) due to work hardening processes (EN1993-1-4 Annex B).

• Material properties are formulated according to EN1993-1-4 Annex C. 

• All welds are completed in accordance with AS/NZS 1554.6.

NATA Destruction Tested Only Lyras

Ratings for the other Trix Circus hoops are derived from NATA certified destructive testing, they are not engineer certified. These hoops meet and exceed the requirements stated in Live Performance Australia Guidelines: Safety Guidelines for the Live Entertainment and Events Industries: Event Rigging Hazard Guide (Feb 2018, p. 16).

If you’d like to know more about the difference between the types of hoop and certification, please read our blog here.

Strength Ratings

MBS 1,200kg
User Load Limit* 120kg

The above ratings are from the certification process and do not take into account the effect of work hardening from fabrication (EN1993-1-4 Annex B). *User loads must take into account dynamic forces applied.

NATA Destruction Test Results (2021)

These numbers are the weight loads applied to the hoops in order to destruct them.

Type Load at Destruction
Hollow Tabless 2738kg

Trix Circus aerial rings arrive clean, untaped and ready for you to personalise it as you desire. They come without rigging but you may purchase a spin set or other rigging as required.

Download the NATA Certified Only Aerial Hoop Product Information Sheet

Download the Engineer Certified Aerial Hoop Product Information Sheet

Please read our Trix Circus Guarantee Policy before purchasing this product.

This product is proudly certified Australian Made


Additional information



User Load Limit


Estimated Equipment Weight

Hollow 3.5kg


Engineer Certified, NATA destruction tested only


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