Pirouette Set (Spanish Web)

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Add some spin and flare to your Corde Lisse with our Pirouette Set for Spanish Web! This set is a great add on to your existing Corde Lisse or Spanish Web to expand your apparatuses’ performance to include pirouettes on the hand loop!



This Pirouette Set includes:

1x Rock Exotica Orbitor Swivel or 1x Petzl Swivel Small (depending on availability)

1x 8mm Oval Maillon

You may also include a Lanyard in your Pirouette Set

1x Lanyard (black, white, or red)

Note: The lanyards can ONLY be rigged at the top of corde lisses that have soft eyes/delta maillon at top connector. They can NEVER be used on corde lisse that have hard eyes/thimbles as the hard eye/thimble will rub against the lanyard. This rubbing could result in a critical rupture lanyard. Email us if you have a question or concern.


Rock Exotica Orbitor Swivel: MBS: 26kN | WLL: 5kN | Certification(s): CE 0120 EN354 (technical notice)

Petzl Swivel Small: MBS: 23kN | WLL: 5kN | Certification(s): CE, EAC, NFPA 1983 Technical Use (technical notice)

8mm Oval Maillon: SWL: 700kg | BS 3500kg (technical notice)

White Lanyard: MBS: 3150kg | Dynamic WLL*: 900kg | ULL: 160kg (technical notice)

Black/Red Lanyard: MBS 2800kg | Dynamic WLL*: 800kg | ULL: 160kg (technical notice)

*User loads must take into account dynamic forces applied and not exceed the dynamic WLL


Please read our Trix Circus Guarantee Policy before purchasing this product.

The lanyard in this product is proudly certified Australian Made

How to assemble the lanyard onto your Spanish web

Additional information

Piroutte Set

No lanyard, Black Lanyard, White Lanyard, Red Lanyard


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