Rock Exotica Shackle Swivel

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These Rock Exotica Shackle Swivels are the best! They help you gain height on low rigs and they are efficient – removing the need for extra links. Rock Exotica is a respected rigging brand used in circus applications all over the globe.

19 in stock (can be backordered)


Design Components

This rigging set is perfect for any aerial straps, aerial hammock/teardrop or dance trapeze set up. Consisting of 3x Rock Exotica shackle swivels and 1x Trix triangular plate, this system will get you working safely and efficiently with minimum height loss and minimal connectors.

The shackle swivel has a steel shackle bolt (9.5mm / 0.375″ diameter) and will increase the longevity of the swivel when connected to other steel components.

Available in 19mm (0.75″) Shackle Width

Weight: 163 gm (5.76 oz)


WLL: 5 kN | BS: 36 kN | Certification: CE

Technical specifications available here.

Installation Directions

  • When installing the bolt make sure the head is in all the way. The head must be flush with the shackle body. Insert the bolt on the side with the smallest aperture. Only one side of the shackle swivel will enable this. The thread portion of the bolt must protrude past the shackle body on the opposite side from the head. If the bolt head is not all the way in, then the thread portion will not protrude past the hole. You will not be able to properly tighten the nut and the assembly will not reach its full safety – this is very dangerous.
  • Before using the nylon lock nut, always inspect it to be sure the locking element is in place. Once the locking element begins to contact the thread and you can no longer turn it with your fingers, you should use a hex key in the bolt head and a fine nose flat pliers on the nylon lock nut to screw it in. There must be at least 3 threads extending past the exterior of the nylon lock nut. Do not screw beyond 4 threads as you may damage the shackle swivel. If you cannot mount it as described, do not use the shackle swivel. Always use a new nylon locking nut with each use. The locking ability of the nut is reduced after its first use. Inspect the shackle swivel before and after each use to ensure it is not damaged, past excessive wear or the nylon lock nut has de-threaded.
  • For permanent installation, use an epoxy with the lock nut. You may also fill the hex socket of the screw. A thread locking agent is NOT recommended for nylon lock nuts.

Additional information


WLL: 5 kN, BS: 36 kN, Certification: CE


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