Rock Exotica SwivaEye Carabiner

$219.95 AUD Inc. GST

The SwivaEye is the integration of the Rock Exotica technically advanced carabiners with their high-efficiency swivels. Utilizing high quality ball-bearings, the SwivaEye is designed for high-speed rotations with the lowest possible friction.


Design Components

Machined Frame – The frame of the SwivaBiner and SwivaEye are machined out of a solid block of aluminum to allow for the complex shape required to attach a swivel at the bottom end. Each frame is milled along the side to remove excess material and weight.

Pull Down Gate – The gate on the Autolock versions use the same ergonomic pull-down and twist mechanism as our other auto-locking carabiners.

High Efficiency Bearing – The SwivaEye uses the same high-efficiency bearings used in our other high quality swivels, ensuring smooth, high-speed rotations.

    • Uses high-efficiency bearing for high-speed rotation
    • Integrated swivel and carabiner saves rigging space and cost
    • Machined from solid material to optimize strength and weight savings

Weight: 5.5 oz (153 gm)

Gate opening: .84” (21 mm)


Breaking Strength 

– Major axis: 30 kN
– Minor axis: 7 kN
– Open gate: 12 kN

Technical specifications available here.

Additional information


Breaking Strength: Major axis: 30 kN – Minor axis: 7 kN – Open gate: 12 kN


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