Rock Exotica rockSteel Auto-Lock Carabiner Black

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A safe, easy and durable carabiner to use. The triple locking technology makes it SO safe to use and the black oxide finish shows wear more quickly, allowing for ease of inspection. The wide gate allows this carabiner to fit easily over large rigging hardware and trapeze bars, allowing attachments to easily be added to your apparatus.

2 in stock (can be backordered)


Design Components

Awesome wide gate, large ‘D’ shaped silver steel carabiner with a black oxide finish. This size is very useful for the tops of trapeze ropes, ring ropes, etc. and has a smooth key lock surface that wont snag your ropes. The triple gate and auto-locking mechanism means it is one of the safest carabiners on the market.

Available in black only


BS 50kN, gate opening 30mm

CE0120 EN12275 EN362/ANSI Z359.12

Additional information


BS 53kN


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