Singing Rock Figure 8

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Tired of struggling to split the silks? Struggle no more! Set your silks on this matte black alloy Figure 8 and relax!

8 in stock


Design Components:

Special figure eight for the rescue situations and fast rappeling. These are extremely popular for rigging silks. They make it easy to separate the strands. This Figure 8 has milled edges and machined surfaces on the top and bottom edge, ensuring the safety and longevity of your silks material. Regularly check attachment point to steel carabiner for wear.

  • special shape for multiple rope locking
  • allows rappeling with heavy loads
  • high strength
  • wide range of rope diameters
  • anodised surface

Color: black matte

Weight 154 g • 5.43 oz

Material light alloy


Breaking Strain: 40kN

View the complete technical booklet here!


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