Hand / Foot / Neck Loop

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Spinning is FUN! Especially with a Trix Circus hand / neck / foot loop keeping you locked in place. Our safety is 4-fold: safety strap inside, cotton webbing on the outside, a purpose made cinch/keeper and a delta maillon for attachment.

Pictured: Sky Sirens/@skysirens


Design Components

Our hand/foot/neck loop includes a rated 2 tonne sling is sewn into the cotton cover of the loop, ensuring the safety of the user. An 8mm delta maillon is sewn into the end for ease of attachment. Each loop comes with a safety keeper/cinch.


Standard colours are red, cream and black.

Red and black colourations may fade over time and with extended use. In order to preserve the vibrancy of the colour please keep out of direct sunlight and away from moisture. Colour customisation is possible with any Pantone range colours – please email us for customization of the hand-loops.




Dynamic WLL*


User Load Limit


*User loads must take into account dynamic forces applied and not exceed the dynamic WLL.

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This product is proudly certified Australian Made

Additional information


Cream, Black, Red


2500 kg

Dynamic WLL

800 kg

User Load Limit

150 kg


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