Petzl Ascension

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Our favourite thing about Petzl ascensions are that they are SOOO easy to use. Unlike rope grabs, there is a natural tie-off point (going through the anchoring carabiner and onto the handle). This allows quick set ups and adjustments for class situations and training situations as well as quick and efficient releases in case of emergency.


Design Components

The Petzl Ascension is a great tie off for situations you don’t want ‘hard’ rigged. It allows for easy height changes and enables the aerialist or student to be easily rescued in dangerous situations. Takes a variety of rope sizes (from 8-13mm) and can take up to 140kg when rope above 10mm is used.

It is imperative that the Ascension is properly anchored to a rated point with a rated cable or sling and carabiner.

For ease of use, locating the Ascension at chest height (by way of a higher tie-off point) is recommended.

Always secure the Ascension with a loop through the anchoring carabiner and two half hitches onto the straight arm of the handle.

Weight: 165gm of aluminum, plastic, steel, rubber and nylon.


Can take load up to 100kg (8-10mm rope) / up to 140kg (10-13mm rope).

Rated up to 4kN (8-10mm rope) / up to 6.5kN (10-13mm rope).

Certified: CE EN 567, UIAA

Technical specifications available here.

How to Safely Use the Ascension in Your Practice or Studio

Additional information


4kN (8-10mm rope), up to 6.5kN (10-13mm rope)


up to 100kg (8-10mm rope), up to 140kg (10-13mm rope)




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