Engineer Certified Aerial Beam Clamp

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Introducing for the first time in Australia – an engineered certified beam clamp made specifically for aerial circus. Beam clamps allow for anchoring to structural I-beam for hanging your gear or pulley systems. Our beam clamps are the perfect addition to your studio and compliment our pin rials when creating moving points and rescue systems. The low profile creates a strong attachment while using very little aerial working height.


This beam clamp is perfect for mounting gear or pulley systems to structural I-beams. This is specifically engineered and certified for aerial use. It is suitable for use with pulley systems running inline with the I-beam. They can fit a number of beams sizes ranging from the UB150 to UB 530. They are designed to hold a load between 0 degree a 90 degree angle from vertical to horizontal.

The beam clamp requires four 16mm nyloc bolts for anchoring onto the beam as well as two 12mm nyloc bolts for joining the plates . This clamp should only be installed by a qualified advanced rigger with the relevant experience installing specialised clamps and tightening nyloc nuts to an appropriate torque.

Clamps and associated fixings to be checked at maximum of six (6) monthly intervals. Trix Circus does not assume that the existing structural frame has sufficient structural capacity. Each installation must contract a structural engineer to assess the existing structural frame and its capacity to support the expected loads. Please contact us directly if you would like us to consult on your project.

Clamps must always be used with a 2t shackle as the primary connector. Carabiners will wear the connection point when pulled on an angle.

*Pulleys, connectors and other equipment sold separately.

Design Components

Painted steel construction

Rounded corners

2 anchor points

2 hoist/diversion/accessory points


Combined Working Load Limit (WLL): 3000 kg

Combined Minimum Breaking Strain: 6000 kg

Anchor points: WLL 1500 kg each or WLL 3000 kg combined

Hoist points: 500 kg (WLL) each

Meets: AS 4100 – Steel Structures and AS 4991.2004 – Lifting Devices

Download the product information and use guide

Customisation Available (additional fees and manufacture times apply)

If you are in a building that has larger beams, larger clamps can be made to suit your space.

Please email us with details of your customisation request before you have placed your order. There are no returns or refunds on custom orders.

Optional Extras

Rigging designs including a ground based anchoring system to make your studio very versatile and adjustable.

Please read our Trix Circus Guarantee Policy before purchasing this product.

This product is proudly certified Australian Made

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