Sliding Lyra Strap

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This strap-style lyra accessory allows you to creatively slide with the lyra. Expanding your lyra vocabulary, shapes and movements well beyond the standard techniques. Elegant and comfortable design. For ADVANCED users on SOLID aerial hoops only.

Pictured: Sasha Barclay/@sparclay


Design Components

This accessory is a sliding replacement for a rigging sling at the top of your lyra. It connects your aerial ring to its hanging point as well as keeping the swivel away from your working space. The strap provides endless opportunities for performing skills and choreography above the hoop within and around the strap. It is particularly good for dynamic work from the strap to the hoop as well flexibility work in which you move the hoop into different positions in contrast to your body. This is our standard Trix cotton strap and a nylon webbing interior for safety. The strap includes one 12mm delta maillon over which the strap slides.

We recommend that you attach your swivel and rigging at the top of the rope.

This accessory is designed for solid hoops and advanced users

It is available in 1.5m and 2m lengths in black, cream, red, blue and Pantone range custom colours.

This rope is suitable for duos as well as single performers.


Lyra straps come in standard colours of cream, black and red. Colourations may fade over time. It is very important to keep the coloration out of direct sunlight and free from moisture. Customised colours from the Pantone range are available, please email us before placing your order.




Dynamic WLL*


User Load Limit


*User loads must take into account dynamic forces applied and not exceed the dynamic WLL.


This product is for ADVANCED users.

This product is to be used with SOLID aerial hoops only

This product is most suitable for TABLESS aerial hoops. If you use it with a tabbed hoop, expect a shorter lifespan of the connecting sling. This will be a wear point that needs to be inspected with each use.

Download the Product Information Sheet

Customisation Available (additional fees and manufacture times apply)

  • Length
  • Colour (from the Pantone range)

Please email us with details of your customisation request before you have placed your order. There are no returns or refunds on custom orders.

How to Rig your Trix Circus Lyra Strap


Please read our Trix Circus Guarantee Policy before purchasing this product.

This product is proudly certified Australian Made

Additional information


Black, Blue, Cream, Custom, Red


1.5m, 2m


2,400 kg

Dynamic WLL

800 kg

User Load Limit

150 kg


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